How to move one of your posts to one of your own groups
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Submitted By Lamp on 15/04/25
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If you have a post on someone else's group, like or, you can move it to your own group.
To do this is very simple.
First of all, you need to have at least one (or two?) categories.
Now in your own group, load the post you want to move from the other group in your own group. So lets say you have post and you want to move it to Load the post as
Then, change the category.
THAT'S IT! Your post is now COMPLETELY in your own group.
After you moved it you can remove all the categories if you don't want them.
This is how many of the posts at MEHAR got here. I moved them from Mars Explorer.
I think how this works is that each post is assigned to a number, which is the "category", and a set number of categories is assigned to a group. So when you change the category of the post, it changes the category to one assigned to your group, therefore making it in your own group.
Hmm... mods at can probably move their posts from sites like to with this method.
Note: you can't move other people's posts to your group.

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